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New York City's public school students have dropped sharply this year. It fell by 4% or approximately 43,000 according to data from the state and city. These new data offer the most comprehensive picture yet of enrollment trends during coronavirus pandemic. Despite being the largest school district in the country, enrollment has been declining over recent years. This is due to falling birth rates and rising charter enrollment.  However, New York City's traditional public schools saw more students drop this year than any other 14 years. According to preliminary data released Wednesday, enrollment stands at approximately 960,000.   NYC doe email 365 login guide officially 2021 According to Chalkbeat's analysis of state data, almost three quarters of traditional public schools had fewer students this year than last. One in four schools lost at least 10%. While many schools saw their enrollments drop, the largest losses were felt by the city's youngest students. This is con

Which best law firm in USA 2021

Secularization is a prominent practice for many years," says Jon Van Gorp (Mayer Brown's chairman), who was previously head of structured finance. It's a source of pride for me. Mayer Brown observed a significant increase in work during the pandemic. This was mainly due to structured finance. Companies were looking for help in navigating the most efficient way forward during the March 2020 dark days, when entire economic sectors were closing down. Which best law firm in USA Which best law firm in USA Van Gorp states that there was a "flight to quality" where clients sought out law offices they could trust. We saw it as another opportunity to perform in adverse circumstances." Mayer Brown continues to grow its market share, and we are confident that the group will continue prospering and succeed. The firm's work in mortgage securitization is one of the most successful parts of the structured finance practice. Its mortgage securitization work has been a su