Cal State Fullerton Receives 10-Year Accreditation

CalState Fullerton was recently informed by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) it will be given the complete and maximum 10-year certification following a rigorous inspection process that demanded deep campus participation in numerous stages.

To get or re-affirm accredited status, associations must establish that they truly are in compliance with state and national law and meet up with the accrediting institution's standards as summarized at the WSCUC Handbook.

Exactly why does certification matter?

  • Certification, analysis and recognition from peers

  • Student and parents' confidence in the establishment

  • Student capability to move credite.

  • Competitiveness in grant software

  • Qualification for national funding choices (e.g. financial help )

I would like to thank you and recognize our incredible faculty, staff and students, explained President Fram Virjee within a contact into the campus.

All things considered, it's work and leadership that's emphasized all through our WSCUC Institutional Report; your own accomplishments and rigor that impressed that the commission inside our reviewsand also your vision and academic excellence which eventually resulted in the entire, maximum 10-year certification.

Cal State Fullerton Receives 10-Year Accreditation

Among those WSCUC senior leaders advised us that just a tiny fraction of those associations that they examine bring in the entire, maximum 10-year certification -- putting CSUF in property that is exceptional, he further added.

On the list of locations which WSCUC lauded comprised appraisal infrastructure, campuswide commitment to pupil achievement, managing registration, robust and powerful shared government, and faculty participated in pedagogical techniques and curricular design which optimize the prospect of effective student learning.
Cal State Fullerton Receives 10-Year Accreditation

The areas comprised having a 15-year master program, together with a detailed effort to help in the financing and construction of infrastructure projects, in addition to the university's strategic policy for 2018-23.

Our very last certification was 2012 and in the point WSCUC signaled a few areas where we had improvement, explained Pam Oliver, provost and vice president for academic events.

Our whole campus community needs to be very happy since all of them have worked very difficult to tackle all those areas, such as appraisal, counselling and tactical preparation. WSCUC realized that the advancement by devoting the complete 10-year certification"



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